10 New DIFX Features You Should Know

Welcome to our “Do You Speak Crypto?” series!

At DIFX, we’re constantly looking for ways to raise awareness and improve knowledge within the crypto industry to lower the barriers to entry and drive mass adoption. Therefore, we’ve prepared a series of articles for you in which we’ll discuss common terms in different sections of the blockchain and crypto industry together.

Episode 12: DIFX Features

Just a few days ago, we’ve launched the latest version of the DIFX platform, offering a new basket of interesting new features to make trading even easier. As a DIFX user, you can now experience an enhanced trading journey, customized perfectly for your needs.

Follow us in this episode of the “Do You Speak Crypto?” series to learn more about the latest DIFX features and how they can help you to improve your trading experience.

1. QR Login


In the new DIFX App, you can now log in to your DIFX account by using a QR code. It’s quite simple; Just select the “Login with QR code” on the website when logging in. After that, go to your DIFX mobile app and tap on the QR icon at the top right corner. Scan the QR code to log in.

2. Custom Notifications

DIFX Notifications

With DIFX Custom Notifications, you can choose to see price alerts or news notifications. This option is only available on the mobile app at the moment but will be released on the web app in the near future as well.

3. Quick Buy

Quick but cryptocurrency

Quick Buy” was designed to make a crypto purchase as seamless as possible. To use this option, just turn the “Quick Buy” option on to trade your desired crypto asset with a simple click.

4. DIFX Avatars

DIFX Custom avatars

DIFX offers various unique avatars which allow you to customize your DIFX profile the way you wish. There are 4 avatars available at the moment, with more options coming up in the following months.

5. Internal Transfer

DIFX crypto transfer

As a DIFX user, you have a designated User ID (UID) which helps you to send and receive funds within the DIFX ecosystem in a seamless manner. Just select the “Send to DIFX UID” tab under “Withdraw” in your DIFX Wallet.

6. Trading Layouts

DIFX trading

DIFX Trading Layouts allow you to customize your trading experience even more. On the “Exchange” tab, select the setting icon to view the different layouts.

7. Favorite Pairs


You can set any trading pair as your favorite which allows you to trade and track them more easily. To set a pair as your favorite, simply turn on the “Star” icon. You can see the list of your favorite pairs under the “Favorites” tab in the trading section. By clicking on the “Info” button, you can easily see the information about the pairs while the “Trade” button directs you to the trading page of the pair.

8. Preferred Currency Settings

DIFX Currency

You can choose your preferred currency to see the value of each coin in the chosen currency as well. You can have access to more than 140 currencies in your profile settings.

9. DIFX News

crypto news alert

DIFX has launched a new section in its mobile and web app which allows you to review the latest market news and reports and make more informed decisions based on them. You can also interact with the news by upvoting or downvoting.

10. Small Balance Converter

DIFX token

Based on the tokens you trade, some portion of your balance may be left out in your wallet which is too small to trade. You can change any small balance (dust) less than $10 to DIFX Token using the “Small Balance Converter” option in your DIFX Wallet.

About DIFX

DIFX is a centralized cross-asset crypto exchange that allows users to trade between multiple asset classes that include indices, forex, crypto, metals, and commodities, just to name a few. The DIFX fully-insured crypto wallet comes from a partnership with Fireblocks, one of the leading crypto custodians in the world.

The Nomination Program is another unique feature of DIFX that allows users to manage the future of their crypto assets by passing them on to their families and loved ones. Recently, the company unveiled its Futures trading platform as well in an attempt to further improve financial inclusion and freedom through innovations offered by blockchain technology.

DIFX was presented with the “Most Trusted Cross-Asset Trading Platform — 2022” by the Crypto Expo Dubai and “Best New Trading Platform Award” at the E-Business Awards 2021 by Entrepreneur Middle East and the Forex Expo 2021.

To begin your journey with Endless Possibilities, download the app now from the iOS or Google Play Store, or visit us at difx.com.



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