In terms of blockchain projects and exchanges getting registered in various sorts of tokens with rules in place, the Middle East will be a key player in the market. Looking at the map, it appears like Dubai is poised to become a major player in the blockchain space. DIFX is a cryptocurrency and traditional financial exchange that allows customers to trade both traditional and crypto-assets. The CEO of DIFX has been operating in Dubai for the past 12 years, and DIFX began operations in Singapore in 2019. Later, they established a tech firm on mainland Dubai to begin operations.

“Having lived in the UAE for 12 years, I have seen how this country has set benchmarks after benchmarks for how business can be conducted and has created a global environment that impacts every aspect of my life. Having started my Arabian journey as a venture capitalist in a country that offers plenty of professional opportunities, I was able to start my own company, DIFX Technologies. From the perspective of culture, lifestyle, security, economy, governance and education, Dubai offers me the perfect balance between city and seaside, which is what made me settle down here with my family since 2017.” said an elated CEO of DIFX, Mr Jeetu Kataria.

DIFX’s objective is that during the following year, it will go to many locations as a regulatory need and obtain licenses as a result. However, when it comes to tech operations, Dubai will be the main hub. With Dubai’s Cosmo culture, it will be quite easy for DIFX to form a team and obtain all of the resources required.

We haven’t seen any city transform as dramatically as Dubai has in the last five years in terms of attracting resources and attracting people, and no matter where you live, whether it’s in the United Kingdom, the United States, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, or anywhere else, I believe it’s a home away from home. So that’s the Cosmo culture we have here in the United States. It’s incredibly simple for us to obtain materials from all around the world.

The UAE National Day is an annual event celebrated by all Emiratis and is a time of national unity. In the UAE, the National Day is celebrated at the end of November with a wide range of festivities including concerts, fireworks, exhibitions, and street parties. The UAE’s National Day, which falls on December 2, has been designated as an International Day of the Future by UNESCO. World Futures Day aims to raise awareness about the importance of cultivating a “future mindset,” which can help governments better prepare for a variety of challenges, invent new solutions that foster comprehensive development, and promote international dialogue and cooperation aimed at fostering creativity and innovation.

Celebrate UAE’s 50th National Day by trading on the DIFX exchange. The exchange has recently added over 14 tokens onto its platform for the best user experience. Signing up on the DIFX exchange takes just about minutes, thanks to its futuristic KYC process. Cryptocurrencies have been around for more than a decade, but the bulk of the populace is still unaware of their existence and potential. Certain agents who profit from unfair activities and restricted information take advantage of this unawareness regularly. It’s no surprise that individuals are scared of the new financial system and want to avoid the industry altogether.

What is the solution? It’s straightforward: raise knowledge about all aspects of the bitcoin, blockchain, and DeFi worlds. Fortunately, DIFX has stepped up to the plate as an instructor, creating an online academy dedicated only to raising understanding of cryptocurrency trading with DIFX Academy.

Learn more at difx.io





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