DIFX MT5: Don’t Limit Yourself to Just One Market Anymore

DIFX: Trade Without Limits

  • Crypto to Forex: Bitcoin vs. US Dollar
  • Crypto to Stocks: Ether vs. Tesla
  • Crypto to Commodities: Bitcoin vs. Gold
  • Crypto to Crypto: Bitcoin vs. DIFX Token


  • A powerful cross-asset trading platform with 4 order execution modes and all types of trade orders
  • Professional technical analysis tools, supporting 21 timeframes and more than 80 indicators and analytical tools
  • Economic calendar and news report for fundamental analysis
  • Automated copy trading
  • Trading signals with flexible risk exposure and profitability
  • Mobile and web trading

Trading Instruments

  • Forex:
  1. EUR-USD: Euro vs. US Dollar
  2. USD-JPY: US Dollar vs. Japanese Yen
  3. CHF-JPY: Swiss Franc vs. Japanese Yen
  4. EUR-GBP: Euro vs. British Pound
  5. GBP-USD: British Pound vs. US Dollar
  • Stocks:
  1. AAPL: Apple
  2. TSLA: Tesla Inc
  3. AMZN: Amazon.com
  4. FOSUN: Fosun International
  5. INTC: Intel
  • Commodities:
  1. CUC-USD: Copper (Chicago) vs. US Dollar
  2. XAG-CHF: Silver vs. Swiss Franc
  3. XAU-AUD: Gold vs. Australian Dollar
  4. XAU-GBP: Gold vs. British Pound
  5. XPD-USD: Palladium vs. US Dollar
  • Indices:
  1. US100 — Nasdaq
  2. US500 — S&P 500
  3. NIFTY 50 — Nifty 50
  4. DAX — Germany 30
  5. JP 225 — JP 225

DIFX Spot Exchange

Better Things Are on The Way




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