DIFX Spot War: Trade, Refer and Win $5000

DIFX is launching a new spot trading competition to celebrate the opening of its upcoming Futures market.

Competition Period: 2022–06–13 to 2022–06–30

During the competition period, users who refer at least 5 friends will qualify to win a share of $5,000 in USDT when the referred friends make a USDT trade on the spot exchange.

Trading volumes must collectively amount to the minimum volume mentioned in the terms and conditions.

Terms & Conditions:

  • This event is only applicable to DIFX users. If you are not a member, register here.
  • All DIFX users must have completed identity verification (KYC) by the end of the activity period to be qualified for any rewards. Learn how to complete your KYC.
  • Eligible spot trading pairs: all listed USDT pairs
  • Referral and referred users (1+5) should trade at least $15,000 in Spot Trading Volume.
  • Rewards will be distributed within 2 weeks after the competition ends.
  • DIFX reserves the right to disqualify trades that are deemed malicious or illegally registered accounts in bulk, as well as trades that exhibit self-handling or market manipulation attributes.
  • DIFX regrets to inform you that users from the following regions and countries will not be permitted to participate in this event: Mainland China, the United States of America, Canada, Japan, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Syria, Venezuela, and Crimea.
  • The Trading Competition is not applicable to Corporate Account Users
  • DIFX reserves the right to disqualify any users who engage in dishonest behaviors or create multiple accounts for any proven instances of fraud.
  • DIFX reserves the right to edit, amend or cancel the competition at any given time without the need to fulfill the stated terms and conditions.
  • For more information, please contact us via spot-support@difx.io or our 24x7 Customer Support.


DIFX shall not be responsible for any loss arising from any investment based on any recommendation, forecast or other information herein contained. The contents of this publication should not be construed as an express or implied promise, guarantee, or implication by DIFX that the forecast information will eventuate, that clients will profit from the strategies herein or that losses in connection therewith can or will be limited.

Trades in accordance with the recommendations in an analysis, especially leveraged investments such as foreign exchange trading and investment in derivatives, can be very speculative and may result in losses in particular if the conditions or assumptions used for the forecast or mentioned in the analysis do not eventuate as anticipated and the forecast is not realized.

About DIFX

DIFX is a CEX that uses blockchain technology to incorporate centralized finance. It is an easy-to-use platform for both new and experienced traders, establishments, and investors. As covered by Cointelegraph, BeInCrypto, and many other media outlets, DIFX allows users to nominate anyone from their family, friends, or loved ones and allows them to legitimize their claim upon the primary user’s demise.

Additionally, the company hopes to increase the use of digital currencies for direct settlement between beneficiary and payer by eliminating intermediaries. To begin your journey with Endless Possibilities, download the app now from the iOS or Google Play Store, or visit us at difx.com.





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