DIFX Token: All You Need to Know

3 min readMay 11, 2022


It’s no exaggeration to say that Ethereum is the home of innovation; It has laid the foundation for various innovative financial products to help both individuals and businesses. These products and services are evolving constantly to help businesses deliver on their promises more efficiently while improving the lives of millions.

Utility tokens are one the most productive byproducts of the Ethereum blockchain. By using utility tokens, businesses can promote their products and services in a more appealing way. These tokens act somehow as the currency within the ecosystem of the organization and allow customers to have access to exclusive features.

Ether is a good example of a utility token that serves as the currency of the Ethereum ecosystem. From submitting transactions to building applications, you’ll need some Ether to be able to pay for your activities on Ethereum.

In recent years, many cryptocurrency exchanges have issued their own utility token as a way to incentivize users and drive healthy trading activities. An Exchange Token offers multiple benefits to the users of its respective platform and may appreciate in value based on its nature and utility.

DIFX crypto exchange offers its own exchange token which unlocks many features within the platform. Let’s see how much you can benefit from it.

DIFX Token: an Exchange Token For The Users

DIFX Token

DIFX Token is an exchange token and acts as the native currency of the Digital Financial Exchange (DIFX Exchange). With DIFX Token, you can enjoy instant transfers and specific value and discounts. Here are a few of its key features:

  • Faster transaction time
  • Quicker payment settlement
  • Discounts on trading costs and transaction fees
  • Exchangeable with other cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, on the DIFX spot exchange
  • Exchangeable with other traditional assets, like gold and stocks, on the DIFX MT5
  • Multiple staking options on DIFX Exchange

DIFX Token has a maximum supply of 550 million and is ERC20/BEP20 compliant which means it supports multiple chains; 490 million tokens of the DIFX’s total supply are on the Ethereum blockchain while Binance Smart Chain keeps the rest.

DIFX Rewards: Earn Free DIFX Points

The DIFX Rewards program allows you to earn free DIFX Tokens by just completing a few tasks. The tasks are as follows:

  1. Sign Up: just register on DIFX Exchange and earn $10 worth of DIFX Points.
  2. KYC: complete your KYC verification within 2 days of signing up to earn $20 worth of DIFX Points.
  3. Deposit: deposit any token or coin worth more than $1000 within 7 days of signing up to win $50 worth of DIFX POints.
  4. Trade: trade every day for 30 days and receive $420 worth of DIFX Points.

Learn more about DIFX Rewards.

Where to Buy DIFX Tokens

At the moment, you can buy DIFX Tokens from the DIFX spot exchange. It’s also available on PancakeSwap (V2), a well-known decentralized exchange in the crypto space.


Please note that trading cryptocurrencies may carry a high level of risk. It’s recommended to always seek professional advice before any investment and only investment the amount you can afford to lose.

About DIFX

DIFX is a CEX that uses blockchain technology to incorporate centralized finance. It is an easy-to-use platform for both new and experienced traders, establishments, and investors. As covered by Cointelegraph, BeInCrypto, and many other media outlets, DIFX allows users to nominate anyone from their family, friends, or loved ones and allows them to legitimize their claim upon the primary user’s demise.

Additionally, the company hopes to increase the use of digital currencies for direct settlement between beneficiary and payer by eliminating intermediaries. To begin your journey with Endless Possibilities, download the app now from the iOS or Google Play Store, or visit us at difx.com.