How Ce-fi & Cex’s are revolutionising the traditional financial landscape

The rise in popularity of cryptocurrency sparked the creation of an entire sector based on blockchain technology and digital assets. Decentralized solutions, according to certain crypto market participants, will progressively replace established services.

Financial applications that bridge the gap between traditional finance (TradFi) and modern financial apps are referred to as centralized finance (CeFi). Furthermore, under centralized finance, all money is controlled by a centralized, regulating authority.

CeFi is an umbrella word for centralized crypto exchanges and custodians, while it may be argued that other payment providers and FinTech apps fit under this tent as well. CeFi crypto exchanges are open 24/7, 365 days a year, unlike traditional stock markets.

The primary principle behind a centralized exchange is that under centralized finance, all crypto trading orders are routed via a central exchange (CeFi). Users register accounts with these firms and utilize the same platform to primarily send and receive money. These exchanges offer a variety of services in addition to crypto trading, such as lending, borrowing, and margin trading.

To register an account on a centralized exchange, new users must go through Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti Money Laundering (AML) procedures. This implies that transactions on the platforms are not anonymous since the account is linked to a specific person.

Private keys to your assets and holdings are entrusted with your chosen third-party company, such as a centralised exchange to transact. The IPO of such centralised exchanges provides a method for regular and institutional investors to indirectly contribute to the growth of crypto by holding their shares in the traditional fashion.

Advantages of Ce-Fi are:

  • Fiat gateway enabling investors to deposit fiat and transact cryptocurrency with ease
  • Customer support staff to give any help Cross-chain services — permitting exposure and trading of multiple independent cryptocurrencies that have gone through due scrutiny before being listed
  • Traditional exchanges, for example, have well-known characteristics and methods.
  • Trading volume and liquidity are both high
  • Regulatory framework that makes CEX’s adhere to certain rules and highly prioritize security.

Why DIFX is a revolutionary CEX

Among the hundreds of CEXs across the world, DIFX stands out due to the unique solution it provides for the modern traditional landscape. Not only is it a cross-asset trading platform where traditional assets can be traded alongside cryptocurrencies, but it is also a CEX that has a fully insured crypto wallet. It gives traders both from traditional & digital backgrounds an environment where they can merge the different types of assets available to create Endless Possibilities.

Furthermore, DIFX as a centralised exchange adheres to different regulations and frameworks and has one of the industry’s superior KYC processes that ensures that DIFX users are protected at all times. For an industry like crypto that is so highly volatile, DIFX serves as a safe, secure and easy to comprehend ecosystem that puts the user's journey and experience at its forefront. The DIFX journey is only getting started, as the new year holds a great number of developments and innovations to ensure that it becomes the leading CEX around the globe.

About DIFX

DIFX is an exchange platform that incorporates centralized finance through the use of blockchain technology. It is a user-friendly platform that is suitable for both novice and experienced traders, institutions, and investors. By eliminating intermediaries, the company hopes to increase the usage of digital currencies for direct settlement between recipient and payer. Download the app now at iOS or Google Playstore or visit us at to start your journey with Endless Possibilities.




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