The Original Wailers: Reggae Comes To The Middle East courtesy DIFX

The Jamaican genre reggae was popularized by Bob Marley and The Wailers. While touring together in 1972 and 1981, Bob Marley requested that The Wailers stay together. Today, the baton has been passed to a new generation of legends along with some of the world’s most talented musicians.

For the first time since 2015, The Original Wailers performed live together in honour of the legends and to celebrate the popularity of reggae. Blueblood ME and DIFX, a fully insured cross-asset trading platform, organized the unique event for the UAE audience.

About The Event

DIFX sponsored the world’s largest and much-anticipated reggae event with The Original Wailers on Friday, 19th November 2021. The event was held at Dubai Tennis Stadium where The Wailers performed live some of the original songs and some age-old classics.

With over 12 million monthly listeners on Spotify, Bob Marley and The Wailers have a huge fanbase. The last time such an event of this magnitude took place in the reggae industry was at their reunion in 2015. With such a long gap between events, the Internet and their loyal fanbase were buzzing with anticipation.

In a night to remember, The Wailers performed several hit songs, including ‘No Woman No Cry’, ‘Three Little Birds’, ‘Could You Be Loved’, and more. During the show, The Wailers also performed their recent album, Legend, which was ranked among the Top 50 greatest albums of all time.

Through sponsoring various events, DIFX has always promoted the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency. The fully-insured cross-asset trading platform helps investors trade any decentralized and traditional assets such as cryptocurrencies, commodities, stocks, indices, and other cross-pairings.

DIFX recently unveiled its mobile app for Android and iOS users to help users trade and learn using DIFX Academy on the go. The app offers a simple-to-use interface, expert security, quick purchases, and instant withdrawals.

About DIFX

DIFX incorporates components of a centralized exchange such as forex commodities, and stock futures trading to provide a one-stop solution for all scale investors using blockchain technology. It is a user-friendly project fitted with expert security and several beneficial features. DIFX aims to promote the use of digital currencies for direct settlements between payer and receiver and efficiently remove the intermediaries.

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