Trading Pairs on DIFX

What is DIFX all about?

DIFX — The hybrid model platform

  • Exchange
  • DIFX tokens
  • Cross and Spot Trading

The DIFX Exchange

DIFX tokens

  • 50% discount to the users when paid using the DIFX token.
  • Option to stake up to 8–10 quarters on the exchange which results in fruitful rewards.
  • DIFX tokens provide high investment returns in comparison to other digital tokens.
  • Helps in financing the Initial Coin Offering for budding projects

Cross Trading Platform

  • Australian Dollar v. Swiss Franc
  • Australian Dollar v. Singapore Dollar
  • Australian Dollar v. US Dollar
  • Canadian Dollar v. Mexican Peso
  • Euro v. Danish Krone
  • Euro v. Israeli Shekel, and many more.
  • Oil-US Crude
  • Oil-Bent Crude
  • Natural Gas




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